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alternate poster: captain america the first avenger [8/]

"I hear you’re kind of attached."
"It’s handier than you might think."

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Snowpiercer was really good.

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What will they become?

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Grant Ward + protecting Skye.

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tell me, are you from beyond the stars?

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"Rough game, Quidditch." 
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Make me choose:

       └ Anonymous asked: Wolverine or Storm?

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MAGAZINE SERIES: Virginia “Pepper” Potts

Dedicated to downeyy

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marvel movies that need to be made, stat.

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"You know when you see a photograph of someone you know, but it’s from years before you knew them. It’s like they’re not quite finished; they’re not done yet. Well, yes, the Doctor’s here. He came when I called just like he always does, but not "my" Doctor. Now, my Doctor, I’ve seen whole armies turn and run away, and he’d just swagger off back to his TARDIS and open the doors with a snap of his fingers. The Doctor in the TARDIS. Next stop: everywhere."

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Day 6 of The Star Wars Challenge:
Favorite Planet
- Coruscant

The cinematography in Revenge of the Sith really does Coruscant’s beauty justice.
It’s always in motion; like the city that never sleeps, except it’s an entire world.

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